Bible Flash Cards and Memory Pocket Cards



WWJD is a question that rings true to this day. This resource will help young children ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” along with “How would Jesus feel?”

It’s not just about learning what God says in his Word, but it extends to our lives and how Jesus can change lives when we apply what He says and what He does and how He would feel in our own lives. Amen.

There are 40 Pocket Cards (8 on each page) that begin by saying “God’s Word tells me to…” If you look in my Preview, you can see what each cards says. Each pocket card also includes the scripture.

Along with the Pocket Cards are 40 Memory Verse Flash Cards (4 on each page) that go along with the Scripture on each Pocket card. If you look in my Preview, you will see each Memory Verse.

There is a total of 40 Pocket Cards and 40 Memory Verse Scriptures.

The resources look best when laminated, consider doing so for the Pocket Cards and Memory Verse Flash Cards.

Great for:

Sunday School

Midweek Services


Home School

Christian School


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