Christmas Time Creative Writing



This resource provides (4) creative Christmas writing prompts and (1) Christmas drawing prompt and (1) one creative writing prompt for the New Year as well.

5 creative writing worksheets and 1 drawing worksheet

Resource includes:

1xDrawing Prompt

  • Me and My Family at Christmas Time

1x – Happy and Bright clipart

· 1 drawing prompt

A Picture of Me and My Family at Christmas Time

1x – Joy to the World clipart–

· 3 writing prompts

Jesus brings joy to the world by

· 3 writing prompts

I will bring joy to the world by:

1x – Tis the Season clipart

· 2 writing prompts

2 ways to service like Jesus

1x – Merry Christmas clipart

· 1 writing prompt

I will keep Christ at Christmas Time writing prompt

1x – Happy New Year clipart

· 2 writing prompts

For the New Year, I will be more like Jesus…


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